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Heavy Gripper Fitness Expander

Heavy Gripper Fitness Expander

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Enhance your hand strength and grip with our Heavy Gripper Fitness Expander! Crafted from durable and top-grade materials, including non-slip POM handles and bold carbon steel springs, this expander ensures comfort and longevity even during frequent use. With its adjustable design, you can easily tailor your workout intensity with four levels of grip strength, ranging from 5kg to 60kg.

Included accessories further augment your training experience:

- The grip strength adjuster (PP+TPR) offers a customizable range from 5kg to 60kg.
- The pointer (PP+TPR) allows for fine-tuning within the range of 20 to 30LBS.
- The five-finger ring (silica gel) provides targeted strengthening with a value of 9LBS.
- The egg ball (TPE) offers an additional 20LBS of resistance.

With this versatile fitness expander, you can effectively train your hands, grips, wrists, and fingers to increase strength and improve performance. Elevate your fitness routine with our Heavy Gripper Fitness Expander and experience enhanced results like never before!

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